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Direct Fired Oven

All type of biscuit products can be baked in that kind of ovens. Heat energy is occured directly inside the baking chamber. The flame and the product is inside the baking chamber together. That oven type uses natural gas or LPG as fuel. Length of the oven changes between 12 m. – 100 m.

Indirect Fired Oven

That oven type is mostly prefered for easy operations. Also, that oven type has great moisture handling capability. Especially that oven type is prefered for cake products. Baking energy is transferred to product with a closed hot-ait circuit. The air passes through the ducts inside baking chamber and delivers the energy to the products.

Hybrid Ovens

Hybrid oven consists of a combination of direct flame and indirect flame ovens. Generally the first zone of the hybrid ovens is produced direct flame and the other zones which are indirect flamed. Thus for any reason it is ensured that the gas which may accumulate in the oven is expelled through the chimneys.

Electric Ovens

It is the type of oven; baking process is made by various electrical heaters placed in the baking zone. The heaters are placed under and above the oven belt. The number of heaters to be used are decided according to the type of product to be baked and the size of the oven. The heaters are proportionally controlled.