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Dough Thinning Group

Easy thickness adjustment (by entering numeric values to the screen). Different thickness adjustment (on left and right side of roll) is available for homogenous thickness. Easy maintenance, free access to lubrication points. Individual driven dough transfer conveyors. Diameter of roll is 312mm.

Rotative Dough Cutter & Moulder

This equipment is used to give the desired shape of biscuit to the dough. Both soft and hard biscuit mould can be installed on that unit. The machine is equipped with lifting device for easy mould changes. Conveyor belt of that machine has self-centering pneumatic equipment. Thightness of the conveyor belt is maintained by pneumatic cylinder.

Wirecut Cookie Depositor

The dough is forced to pass through shaped nozzles by specially desinged gear pump unit on Wirecut Cookie Depositor.

Cracker Biscuit Equipment

By adding some additional equipment to Hard&Soft Biscuit Production Line, it is posible to produce Cracker Biscuits as well. Cracker Production process is similar to Hard Biscuit Production process.


Dough laminator can be used for oilled cracker production. Laminator is used to created layers of dough before sending the dough through gauge rolls.