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Scrap Biscuit Mill

This unit mills the scrap biscuits into powder to be re-used for dough preparation.

Powder Sugar Mill

This equipment is used to grind the crystal sugar to powder form.

Crystal sugar hopper and powder sugar hopper is made of stainless material.

Capacity is 400-500 kg/hour.

Oil Melting Tank

It is used to melt the solid margarine to a liquid form.

Melting tank is double jacketed and It is made of AISI 304 stainless material.

Heating is made by electrical heaters.

The liquid oil can take from the valve under the tank.

Volume of tank is 500 lt.

Invert Syrup Boiling Tank & Stock Tank

This equipment is used to prepare invert syrup which is used during the preparation of biscuit dough.

The boiling tank is double jacketed.

Inner layer and outer layer of the jacket is both made of AISI 304 quality stainless material.

The outer surface of the tank is thermally insulated. Heating is maintained by electrical heaters.

Stock tank is used to rest the invert syrup after boiling. Boiled syrup is transferred to stock tank by a pump.

Tank volume is 500 liters.