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By adding some additional equipment to Hard&Soft Biscuit Production Line, it is posible to produce Cracker Biscuits as well. Cracker Production process is similar to Hard Biscuit Production process.

In Cracker production process, the dough is shaped into flat sheet format by gauge cylinders. Dough shaping is made by cutting of flatten dough with a rotary cutter. Leftover dough is fedback to the begining of the production line with some conveyors. Rotary cutter is installed to Rotative Molding Machine. Up to that point, the process is same as Hard Biscuit Production.

Additionally, cracker products enter to Soda Bathroom, Salt Sprinkler etc… equipment.

Salty Stick Crackers, Bretzel Crackers, Fish Crackers are belong to that product group. By using some additional equipments (like Syrup Slider, Chocolate Enrober, Granul Sprinkler etc…), it is posible to enlarge the product type variety on the same production line.