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Hybrid Ovens

Hybrid oven consists of a combination of direct flame and indirect flame ovens.

Generally the first zone of the hybrid ovens is produced direct flame and the other zones which are indirect flamed.

Thus for any reason it is ensured that the gas which may accumulate in the oven is expelled through the chimneys.

Suitable for use in both wire belt and plate belt.

The tension of the oven belt is provided by pneumatic devices.

It is a mechanism that keeps the tensioning force stable in any temperature this mechanism allows the belt to pull itself back as the oven cools.

Decreases in air pressures create audible and visual alarms on the system.

In order to ensure the running of the oven belt on the axis there are mechanical belt adjustment equipments in the input and output frames and under the oven.
There are pressure relief lids that can evacuate the sudden pressure increases in the oven.