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Electric Ovens

It is the type of oven; baking process is made by various electrical heaters placed in the baking zone.

The heaters are placed under and above the oven belt.

The number of heaters to be used are decided according to the type of product to be baked and the size of the oven.

The heaters are proportionally controlled.

The number of temperature control zone (zone) assign according to the oven size.

For each zone there are 1 exhaust and vapor chimneys and 1 inspection and sampling window.

Separate temperatures for the bottom of the oven belt and for the top of the oven belt can be specified in each zone.

The steam coming out of the product is collected from the oven by a fan and discharged by the chimney.

On the chimney; there are servo controlled chimney damper; the position of these dampers can be assigned via the control panel.

This type of oven is equipped with air circulation system (Turbulance system) inside the baking chamber to maintain homogenous heat distribution inside the baking chamber.

This turbulence system also provides longer life time of heaters.

Suitable for use in both wire belt and solid steel belt.